Toppen Recycling & Buy-Back Centre Terms & Conditions


  1. Recycle Buy Back Centre (RBBC) will only accept the listed recyclables. Any other material that are not listed will be courteously rejected.
  2. Recycling & Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) starting from minimum handling weight of 1kg. If the weight of the recyclables if lower than the minimum handling weight, cash will not be awarded.
  3. Recyclables must be segregated before giving to RBBC. Non- segregated recyclables will be considered as free contribution to RBBC.
  4. Recyclables waste are to be in clean, dry and acceptable condition.
  5. Toppen reserves the right to determine the acceptability of the recyclable waste(s), please refer to the
    List of Acceptable Recyclable Wastes by Toppen RBBC:

    Cardboard All types of corrugated cardboard
    Paper Carton boxes/ packaging boxes (i.e. cereal box, etc.), paper, newspaper,
    empty toilet paper rolls, shredded paper, magazines, catalogues/ brochures/
    leaflets, envelopes, paper bags, books and receip
    1. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE or Polyester)
    - Beverage bottles (i.e. mineral water bottles)
    2. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    - Household detergent bottles, shampoo and body bath bottles
    Metal/ Aluminum Drinks and food cans
    Bottles of any colour (i.e. beverage bottle)
    Jars (i.e. sauces, jam, baby food)
    E-Waste Selective small size electrical & electronic appliances only
    (i.e. iron, oven, microwave, toaster, laptops, tablets, hairdryers, CD,
    cables, old monitors, CPUs, handphone)
    Clothes Old clothes, jeans, bed sheet, curtains
  6. No cash will be awarded on the following waste categories:
    • i. Glass
    • ii. E-Waste
    • iii. Clothes
  7. Please contract our customer service at Level 1 Information Counter/ Email at if your waste is not listed in our website for clarification.
  8. By recycling with Toppen RBBC, you agree to be bound by all terms & conditions listed.
  9. Toppen Shopping Centre reserves the right to amend the information and T&C at its absolute discretion without prior notice.